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sweetest thing ever
Tuesday, November 17, 2015 @ 8:57 PM


how we interact part 3 - the $198 groupon deal
Sunday, November 15, 2015 @ 12:37 AM

GM: Ehh sometimes you should dress up a bit more leh, like wear make-up more often!

(background info: I hardly ever wear makeup cause I find it really mafan and plus I have to put contacts which make it even more mafan, so I only put makeup + contacts for very very special events and those events that I can remember are like during his birthday, JC prom and all the random dance performances)

HL: Huh why so mafan leh still need to put contacts! And I come your house lepak only then wear makeup to lepak a bit crazy ah

GM: Aiyaa just put sometimes la now you hardly ever put leh!

HL: EEY why you suddenly want me to put YOU SEE OTHER GIRLS IS IT READ SOMETHING WEIRD IS IT?!

GM: No la no la!! Just that when you put you look prettier mahh! I want to see you prettier more frequently mah!

HL: But if wear for no special event very weird leh, then still need contacts and all!! AND EH SHOULDN'T YOU BE GLAD I'M COMFORTABLE WITH BARE FACE? Not like some girls always put makeup suddenly take out like different person all together?

GM: Yalah! Cause later I bringing you to eat dinner at this quite atas place in Orchard mah! I even reserve seat liao!


GM: Cause I want to keep it a surprise mah! Tell you not fun le!


GM: Quite okay la the price! And to celebrate our 3.5 years anniversary lah! *pause* eh wait more than 3.5 years already right aiya just celebrate lah!

HL: =.= CANCEL THE RESERVATION LA OMG NO NEED CELEBRATE LA! I wear until so lepak today you want me go atas restaurant SIAO AH

GM: Aiya nvm one atas restaurant okay one

HL: NOOO WHAT THE since when okay! Aiya cancel the reservation la!!

GM: Cannot one the restaurant got no cancel policy! Only can change day!


GM: No i'm not omg!!


GM: Yahh, ehh original price like $500 plus now $198!

HL: YOU SIAO AH!!!! Omg cannot refund one right confirm, change the date to another day la idk our 4th year anniversary or something

GM: Ehh actually can leh can last till then! Eh wait cannot actually it last until your birthday only!


GM: I'm not lying lah!! And okay leh got 5 course for two! Got like appetiser 1, and appetiser 2, two appetisers leh! And one main course and dessert and something after dessert! Still got something after dessert leh!

HL: WHAT STILL!!!!!! The 21 items I bought from taobao is only half that price omg WHY YOU BUY THAT GROUPON WITHOUT ASKING MEEEE?!?!

GM: I even told my mum she say the price okay! And like outside restaurant one course average $20 the price quite okay mah! Aiya once in a while celebrate can one! And still got champagne de!

HL: SIAO AH YOU KNOW I DON'T LIKE ALCOHOL RIGHT?? Tried my first ever champagne during AMSC and vowed never to have it again!!

GM: Yala true laa but also got choice of wine mah!


GM: Eh they like that I can never bring you to atas restaurant leh what you drink sia??


GM: Aiyoooo they even give one bottle of champagne leh!

HL: NANI??? Aiya just dapao that bottle la I WON'T EVEN DRINK IT I'm pretty sure most of the $198 went to that bottle!

GM: HUHHH seriously dapao??? And no la the champagne confirm cheap one that's why the price decrease from $500 plus to $198! 


GM: *looks into eyes* No really not lyingg!

HL: Huhh aiya you just go with your mum la I don't even drink alcohol confirm not worth it de! WHY YOU WASTE $198 LIKE THATTTTTT? T.T

GM: Hahhaha actually I never buy any groupon voucher la


GM: HAHAHHA cause your reaction is super funny you have been reacting like that for the past 10 minutes I actually looked at the clock to keep track



HL: Aish at least you didn't spend that $198 BUT STILL YOU VERY BAD >( 


Yoogane 요가네
Sunday, June 21, 2015 @ 11:55 AM

Finally tried Yoogane @ Westgate after walking past it so many times and deliberating about it but still resorting to our usuals LOL! I enjoyed my dining experience so much that I just had to dedicate a post about it!

We ordered 2 servings of Chicken Dak Galbi 닭갈비 ($18.90++ per pax) and 1 serving of ramyeon ($3.90++) and 1 serving of fried rice ($3.90++) 

Before cooking the ingredients! 
Spot cabbage, spring onions, potatoes, ddeokbokki (rice cakes) and the yummylicious marinated chicken!

Our sources of carbs! Love how they added gochujang (hot pepper paste) generously on the ramyeon and how they add kimchi, seaweed and sesame seeds on the rice!

And not forgetting their red aprons! 
"This is the easiest apron I have ever worn" - as quoted from GM hahaha

It protects any accidental food spills (though that was quite unnecessary for me thanks to 4 years of Nanyang uniform training in preventing food staining the white hongzi haha), to me it was more effective in protecting your clothes from getting that smoky bbq smell!

Shortly after serving our food, a waitress helps us cook our food! Oh and as the cooking does take quite some time, it's quite cool that it's not always the same waitress cooking for us. They have this like "relay" system haha which is quite cool so different waitress comes by to cook!

The whole cooking process was just somehow very mesmerising for me and GM haha! Can tell that they are really well-trained too and not like anyhow mixing the ingredients!

After the chicken and vegs are cooked, they added the ramyeon!

You can tell that they split the ramyeon into 2 halves too so it's easier for us to portion! 
(Though GM totally disregarded the portioning and just ate whatever he saw LOL)

After we were done with the noodles, another waitress comes by and cooks the fried rice for us! They chopped up-ed the remaining chicken we had before adding the rice in!

Look at how mesmerised he is HAHA

And tadah it's done! :D

Although the price of a meal here is rather steep (we hardly eat restaurant meals that's over $20 per pax), the service and what they provide makes everything really worth it!

Oh ya they have this free flow salad bar with pickled radish, some salad with kiwi and strawberry sauce, and KIMCHI! I only touched the kimchi haha THE KIMCHI IS REALLY GOOD! We started eating one whole serving of kimchi each before they started cooking haha!

And they have free flow water too! (Yala I cheapskate la but seriously so few restaurants have free flow water nowadays .____.)

The portion is hugeee and super satisfying! We finished most of it except for like ~4 mouthfuls left cause we were super duper bloated (and wearing a high waist shorts doesn't help at all at times like this omg). I guess cause we had 3 huge servings of kimchi each too haha (totally spamming free flow stuffs) that's why we had leftovers ):

The only problem I had with this place is... omg my intestines were totally raging on fire mode. Went to the toilet idk how many times and my butt was burning LOL (okay tmi I shall stop).

Overall a really fun and yummy dining experience, but cause it's quite pricey our next visit would be sometime later! (:

year one in med school + food spam
Thursday, May 21, 2015 @ 5:52 PM

First post...of the year 2015 LOL. The effects of a year of med school curriculum. And now it's the second week of holidays and I'm so bored that I've decided to revive this blog and do some minor tweaks to the template haha.

M1 has been a very interesting experience. New friends, new environment, new syllabus, new everything. I'm quite surprised that I've been pretty adaptable, getting the hang of the syllabus and structure quite okay-ishly and knowing my weaknesses and strengths quite clearly somehow. So in a way I guess I'm lucky in that sense cause I didn't really struggle a lot.

However, I must say the content we have to study is really quite a huge amount, and the studying and preparation for Pros has been way more challenging than preparing for A levels.

This can be attributed to the amount of time we had for A levels revision VS Pros revision, and that the amount of Pros content is almost like 2 years worth of JC haha. Plus in university there are no like topical test or small class quizzes or teachers marking your tutorials and assignment and giving them back to you, thus there's a higher sense of insecurity cause you really don't know what exactly is expected of you.

(Okay I really wonder who will read this chunk LOL after all my blog is so incredibly dead haha, nvm I shall continue typing for the sake of my memories haha)

The thing I enjoyed about M1 though, is that the syllabus really interest me. I've always wanted to learn more about the human body, thus Anatomy was something I really enjoyed.

Physiology was tough at first, but knowing about the applications of it really makes you understand everything better.

Biochemistry, is well, biochemistry haha. It's quite manageable after you get used to all the enzyme names and reactions, but unfortunately cause of the amount of content we have already from Anat and Physio, Biochem is mostly left to last-minute cramming and hoping you know enough enzymes and pathways to answer everything haha.

And then there's Ethics and Medsoc, which I honestly spent like less than half a day preparing for them for Pros LOL.

So yup that's pretty much it for M1 curriculum, plus other fun stuffs along the way like Patient-Based Programme, Anatomy Hall (cadavers!), and other stuffs I can't really remember.

Omg why has this become a summary of what M1s learn LOL.

The thing about university is that, you are independent and like a free bird, no one will chase you for homeworks or assignments, or make sure you attend all classes. So, self-discipline is quite essential, and for such an intense course, consistency and time management are also fairly important to me as well.

I think M1 has been quite smooth-sailing for me academic-wise cause I don't commit myself to a crazy amount of activities, and I don't leave stuffs to the last minute, in fact I really hate last-minute cramming la I need time to swallow and digest my stuffs, diarrhoea-ing my way through M1 doesn't suit me hahaha.

Okay abrupt transition but let's talk about the environment! I'm glad to have found a couple of close friends in med school, since most of my close friends from sec school / JC have no interest in medicine (even my very dear boyfriend LOL). School life has been a lot vibrant with these few.

I'm also really happy to have such a nice bunch of people in my CG too. To think I was at the beginning of M1 I was afraid of how we would turn out cause we were all practically strangers and I had no idea who all of them were haha. In the end, we worked out pretty well and they have provided me much laughter in med school too!

Okay I don't really know what else to say haha, so time for some picture spam of what I have been doing post-pros yay~~

First post-pros snapchat selfie :D 

Marché with the house for lunch. First time eating here and I don't think I'll return there though LOL. Food is good (this wrap here was higher than my expectation, but it'll be a little gelat if you eat too much), but the price is OVERPRICED. And I think my tongue is too asian already haha.

And then my long-awaited meet-up with my favourite person! Never ever felt so relieved to meet someone omg. I rejected his Avengers 1 movie request cause I don't really know Marvel stuffs haha and he was sososo sad about it, but I decided to agree to his Avengers 2 since so many people raved about it, and now I'm regretting not listening to him for Avengers 1 hahahah!

The next day we redeemed my Groupon voucher! I ordered the salad for the first time instead of the ice cream and IT'S GOOD!! 

Yumyum in my tumtum! Pepper Lunch is just so good and so cheap and so worth it!

This was taken in JB! Went over with my mum and these 2 mains plus 2 soup of the days and 2 garlic bread cost us less than SGD$10. MADNESS. 
Then watched Pitch Perfect 2 with the mum and the ticket was only $4 each. MADNESS

Okay I seem to have taken very few post-pros pictures hahaha oops. Okay how about some food photo spam of the year (which I've never posted on instagram before!)

This was at a restaurant called Osaka Ohsho at Bugis Junction with GM. They had this rather interesting concept of gyozas in soup, but cause they had to make sure the gyozas don't break in the soup, the skin was quite thick and floury. The noodles were quite good and the sauce was tasty, but overall the restaurant didn't really impress us

Had to clear a manhattan fish market coupon that GM had which consisted of 4 mains, so this meal was with his other 2 juniors which was a little awkward but quite entertaining at the same time haha. Grilled fish for me then cause of my throat.

Paradise Dynasty's 麻辣 poached fish slices! One crazy huge porcelain bowl that will confirm make people turn and look at your table haha. There were a lot more fish than we expected. We got the medium spiciness level but wow the numbing was there.

Manhattan's small grill, or something grill that was shareable! 

Haha yes he really likes the tomato pasta from Pepper Lunch (:

This was after CA3 part 1 with the house I think! La Nonna's one for one made the food a little more worth it, though it was still quite pricey la (I'm a cheapo haha) but the quality is good! 

Llao llao with crystal at somerset!

One of my family's Taiwan meals! Omg I really miss all their 卤肉饭,红烧牛肉面 etc. and they were so affordable! Plus their rice is like the japanese kind of round one which I love!!!

A super colourful steamboat we had at Alishan. Alishan isn't as nice as I thought cause there were just SO MANY TOURISTS OMG like OVERPOPULATED with tourists, and that kinda removes to serenity a mountain should have you know.

This is so so so good!!!! One of a friday night dinner date with the boy. That day we decided to splurge a little more and actually queued for this restaurant haha. JEM's LENAS! They had so much choices on their menu that we were quite spoilt for choice haha! I had this soft shell crab pasta with spicy tomato sauce and IT WAS HEAVEN ON HEAVEN.

Haha just had to feature my favourite dish from Paradise Dynasty! Always have to order this when I'm there!

Some ramen restaurant at the basement of ION Orchard which GM and I have never tried before (can't remember the name though)! IT WAS GOOD STUFFS MAN! Such a hearty meal omg I love those bamboo shoots too!

Bishamon Sapporo Ramen at Bukit Panjang Plaza during one of his nights out! He really really love this ramen especially how thick the broth was! Unfornately this restaurant has been replace by a Volcano Ramen restaurant LOL. 

YUMYUM feesh and chips from manhattan's! This was like after CA3 with the house I think!

Virgin Sanpoutei experience with Crystal at the Shaw Centre! Super super nice, and their service was mad good omg like they provided a basket for our bags and a hook for our plastic bags haha! Thanks Crystal for that birthday treat! Omg still feel so bad though cause it was really quite pricey ):

Hahhahaha cheapest food in this post but it had to be feature cause ORANGE CONE. LIKE ORANGE CONE ZOMG.

Another ramen experience with the boy! Yes we are huge ramen fans hahahaha! This restaurant in Jurong Point offers like free upsize noodles which both of us gladly took it haha! But like after eating, it didn't really feel like it was upsized leh LOL. 

Miam miam's set lunch at JEM with the boy on a Monday afternoon, where the shopping centre was so much more beautiful with so few people around haha. 
The spaghetti was decent, not stellar, the only thing that really made the money worth was the free soufflé that came together with 2 lunch set meals ordered! 
But they served the soufflé like way too early? They served it 15min after serving our mains. I'm not a slow eater but 15min to finish a meal in a restaurant is ridiculous LOL. Then I had to awkwardly watch my soufflé flatten as I hurriedly chomp down the rest of my pasta. ._. Not very cool.


How we interact part 2
Saturday, May 17, 2014 @ 11:21 PM

GM: You should use your fringe to cover your eye like that emo girl!(referring to his sergeant's gf's picture)
HL: Not long enough lah!
GM: Oyea hor! Why your fringe never grow one arh?
GM: Oh I think army has made me stupid


GM and I were in his room and I was trying to push him off the chair by using both arms to push one of his arm with his elbow locked.

His mum happened to pass by and pop her head into the room and gave us this o.O dafuq look.

GM's mum: 你们在做什么?
GM: 她想把我推倒!

- 3 seconds pause -

GM's mum: Eh 你不要欺负女孩子哦!
GM: *nani-fied*
GM: Why everyone think I bully you one T.T


We were eating at the kopitiam one day.

HL: Urmrumbrummeurm
GM: What you talking about! Don't eat with your mouth full!!
HL: *blink blink*
GM: Omg what was I saying, retard already! Why you never correct me?!
HL: Cause I understood what you meant and I couldn't reply with my mouth full!!


On the phone call while he's in camp

GM: What are the other public holidays in May other day Labour Day and Deepavali arh? Help me check!
HL: Wapiangeh no need check la when it comes it comes and it'll be a surprise!
GM: Woa you can become encik already what you say really make people point middle finger sia!
HL: Serious what that's how I lived my schooling days! Like when tomorrow it's a public holiday I'll be like OOH YAY I didn't know that before!!
GM: Hahaha okay okay! Woa damn sian leh other company got more welfare than us sia! That _____ coy got so much more admin time than us!
HL: Eh don't compare la! Just live your life!
GM: Woaseh really you can be my encik le! That's what he says too sia! Eh go sign on la! Who knows later you can make it to OCS too! Too up le you too up.


(this is ripped from a facebook chat)

HL: I told you already what, Sunny is the niece of the boss
GM: LOLOLOL I see, cannot make it seriously her (sorry to Sunny fans out there!!)
HL: HAHA I can is it? JOKE
GM: Of course! Hilary can be solo artiste, no need band one
HL: =.= okay can, then the only fan is Guan Ming =.=
GM: No la, got a lot one confirm. You hold concert 2 minute sold out.
HL: =.=

(yes there's no end to this guy's imagination)


This happened just a few hours ago at dinner.

GM: Eh look at the camera!
HL: *stares at it while chewing on food* What you doing you wanna insta is it?
GM: Yea I'm gonna insta this!
HL: NOOOO WALAO I look so cui take again!
GM: Okay smileeeee!! Okay never mind it's so weird to have a picture of someone smiling with her half-eaten food, just eat like how you normally do.
HL: *eats*
GM: Okay done! *instagrams picture* I tell you my instagram plans! First is a dim sum review. We will eat at dimsum restaurants and them give a thumbs up or down in front of the restaurant and take a picture of it!!
HL: Ermm but now we don't really eat at expensive dimsum restaurants leh! All hawker centre dimsum now.
GM: Okay the other one is The Diary of Hilary. I take random pictures of you and caption it.
HL: WTP you think your followers very interested in my life meh??
GM: Okay then it'll be The Diary of Guan Ming instead! (:
HL: *facepalm*

(I just realised this is my 400th blogpost of this blog hehe)

Food Quarrels
Friday, April 4, 2014 @ 11:57 PM

So GM and I were at Crystal Jade for our really late lunch today after visiting Hwachong!

Evidently, from the picture, you can tell that we usually share the dishes in this restaurant.

Here's a conversation, or rather quarrel, between us that I found really amusing and I guess pretty unique to us LOL, and quite a frequent topic of discussion!

HL: Eh I shouldn't be dating you, you make me so stressed while I eat! EAT SLOWER!

GM: I'm used to it cause of army! And yea why do you eat so much!

HL: WTH who is the one eating so much?!!


HL: There are only 6 dumplings left and I ate 3 means you ate 7 already!!! WTP YOU'RE THE ONE EATING TOO MUCH.

Hahaha wanted to tweet this convo but I realised it was too long + I got inspired by Timothy Tiah's Things Shorty & Fatty Say heh!! Pardon if it ended so abruptly cause my memory sucks and this scene happened almost 10 hours ago LOL!

Picture taken by this random hwachong junior guy GM called over! And he was so nice and sporting to willingly lie down on the ground to take this for us haha! 

Right before he pressed the camera button there were this group of even more junior boys walking behind us, and he went "FASTERLY BOYS FASTERLY!!!" Super joke omg we will forever remember the FASTERLY!! 

results release
Monday, March 3, 2014 @ 11:53 PM

A Level results were released today! Quite an interesting experience collecting my results for a national examination for the first time (let's exclude Sec 4 Higher Chinese and PW shall we?), since I knew my PSLE results only through an SMS in a morning when I was in Spain LOL.

It started off with all of us sitting on the floor of the hall, and that very familiar voice of Mrs Foo briefing us about what we will receive (WHICH WAS A MEGA HEAVY GOODIE BAG OMG).

Then Dr Hon's address, which started off with some IT difficulties, attracting like 5 teachers around the podium LOL quite a funny sight.

So apparently our cohort did extraordinarily well! Best cohort since 2007, which was the year since the IP programme started like WOW. Then he moved on to stats, how many people got 4 H2 distinctions, 3 H2 distinctions, and the subjects that improved (which consisted of bio, chem, econs and gp - those subjects that concern me haha). Not too bad I guess.

And then was all the calling out of names, people going up on stage and just continuous applause for what seemed like eternity. Really unnerving at that point of time, like wow there are so many pro people but you are not up there. Which just adds on to the pressure and uncertainty and stuffs.

Finally it was the queue for the collection of results. Sighpie. By the time I knew it, I was in front of my CT already.

"Mr Foo, please don't show me my results now."
"Oh okay wait for a while I need to find your results, so I'll need to look at it first!"
"Okay, just don't show me the results now."
"Hmm..why don't you want to look at it? It's u______!"
"What? You are kidding me right?"
"No I'm not!" *shows me result slip*

By the time I was looking at that piece of paper, before I knew it, tears just started pouring, like a waterfall omg.

Everything was just in a blur, I was still very much in a daze for 5 minutes, had to even ask GM if I was dreaming (and he pinched me real hard for that T.T)

After that huge tsunami of emotions, the surroundings became a lot clearer, and it was a rather interesting sight, observing both tears of joy, and tears of sadness.

3rd March 2014 brings a closure to my 12 long years of education before university. I am thankful for the knowledgeable teachers both Nanyang and Hwa Chong has; thankful for supportive parents who never pressurize me at all, having full faith and trust in me to manage my time well and never questioning about my results or probing me to study; thankful for the precious friends that have tide me through these years of education, giving me new perspective of life and being there when I had troubles; and thankful for my brain and heart and body for not collapsing and not over-stressing during those crazy months prior to A levels.

Aurora - senior promenade 2013
Wednesday, February 19, 2014 @ 12:01 AM

I realised I should seriously start blogging more often omg the laziness of me. Need something to brush up my erm...english skills LOL microblogging on Twitter and sometimes Instagram ain't doing good for my brain.

Okay so below are the significant events that have happened since As ended that I've yet to blog about, which I will (hopefully) in subsequent days/weeks do so!

- Prom @ 9 December 2013
- Family trip to Indonesia - Bali, Flores Island and Kanawa Island 10-25 December 2013 (still wondering if I should blog about this cause it was a really...long trip LOL)
- Class visit to Ms Lee's ^^ @ 5 January 2014
- KL trip with 12S75 girls 9-12 January :D
- USS with GM @ 23 January 2014
- Dates with Jermia and Kaixuan respectively
- 408 steamboat, and mini 408 gatherings for the two girls birthdays (:
- Nanyang wushu batch'11 outing!! ^^

HEH shall start with PROM LOL which happened more than..2 months ago OOPS lala better late than never? (Honestly wonder who will be so bored to read my blog. but whatever here goes haha)

Went over to Chloe's house with Jinny for her to do our makeup and hair! (: Love the convenient of going to Chloe's house hehehe! Thanks so much for doing such a good job on us! WE LOVED OUR WATERFALL BRAIDS (:

Picture spam for now hehe!

My Prom Buddy! (: Without her I don't think I would be comfortable going to prom LOL after all our table only had two girls - both of us O.O

Random, unexpected, close-up glam moment Benedict helped us took! Hehe yay to the free instant instagram print service during prom each of us got a copy of this pretty pic! (:

JERMIAAAAAAAAA!  Pretty girl with a super precious heart and beautiful soul!

The 408 black girls! #toocoolforyou #bescaredguys


Deskie for 1/1+ years? HEHE HIYA BRENDA ((:

I believe we're the only PW group in our class to have a prom picture! xP But yay despite our problems during PW, I loved working with this group of people! 

Class photo which took us so hard to gather people that we took it when the whole event has ended already lol, and we were still missing people sigh


ESTHERRR :D So glad to meet up with her during our recent nywushu outing like finally! Sigh we didn't have a nywushu picture during prom )):

Huipeng! Girl with red fire on her hair! Swag max hehe! (I realised we look kindaaa similar here in terms of smile and face shape hahah and angle hahahahah)

CHIOBUNIANG! That aura of hers when she walks around that no one can achieve hehehe! So so so grateful to have met such a wonderful friend like her in JC!

Yeeteng! Hehehe love watching her dance cause she's so small sized! And it's seriously damn cute when she dances! (I so nice bend down for you here HAHAHA)


WOOOHOOO mega fun bunch I met thanks to MAD hiphop!

Now time for the guys! 

Yida! Haha glad to know my bf's best friend, and thanks for substituting as me when gm goes a bit crazy sometimes HAHAHAHA (if you get me hmm)

BENEDICT! (: Super duper smiley and happy-go-lucky guy! A lot of us think that you are a really really nice guy! One of the few I'm honestly quite sad I didn't get to know better, cause your bright personality is really nice and sometimes contagious (:

Heyo fellow OCIP nepal mate and SAME BIRTHDAY BUDDY! (Okay even though there's a time difference between USA and Singapore but WHO CARES HAHA)

KOHSIONG! I really respect how you can cram like the whole bio syllabus within a night, and you are the few that I believe who really slack most of the time and hardcore cram at the end (cause lotsa people say they slack a lot but actually mug like mad LOL) BUT YA YOU REALLY HAVE A YOLO LIFE AND I RESPECT YOUR ABILITY TO DO THAT AND STILL SURVIVE IN HC!

Gary! One of the first few guys I know in our batch I think? HAHA still remember when I felt super awkward but had to pull up my courage to ask if you wanted to join my group for BSC CIP thing cause I didn't wanna end up with some other weird bunch of guys LOL and you were the only guy I knew then. Hahaha anyway I see you as a super godly mathematical brain guy and I really think you can go far in life with that crazy brain of yours!

MY CHEMISTRY AND BIOLOGY FIXED-SEATING-ARRAGEMENT DESKMATE HAHA! Quite amazingly sitting with you isn't awkward at all, and it's quite entertaining too especially when teachers keep niaoing you about your handwriting HAHA! Hope what I told you about the way to write 5 manage correct your 5s haha! 

And last but not least, the most important guy! :D  Heh bet when you were reading this you were like wth why post so many pictures with other guys where am I?!? XP Say hi to the girl-in-black-and-guy-in-colours couple! Samantha was like "SHOULDN'T IT BE THE OTHER WAY ROUND? WHY AREN'T YOU IN RED INSTEAD?" to me haha! Goodbye to boring black suits guys, say hi to coloured ones with white skinny tie! xD

THIS SHOT LOL. Crazy guy suddenly just go pick me up from no where =.= (pardon his poor princess hug carry technique, seems like he hasn't mastered it quite well...cause I look like I weigh 100kg from his posture pfft .__. )

So other than taking pictures, which actually took up 90% of the time, the rest of the 10% was spent eating...eating only like erm less than 5 courses out of 8? I can't remember what I ate hmm appetiser, soup, prawns, chicken, rice... yea seems like 5 courses LOL FIRST TIME IN MY ENTIRE LIFE WHERE FOOD IS LIKE SECONDARY PRIORITY SIGH. #whatpromdoestome #byebye$96


7th march

food, music and love ♥




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